Who is Emoo?

I'm Emoo! My real name is Emily. Emoo (or Emu) was born from an autocorrect mistake. Every time my mother-in-law addressed me as 'Em' in text messages, it would autocorrect to "Emu." She and my fiancée thought it was hilarious, so it became the replacement for my real name.

What is Emoo Says?
Honestly, I don't have a polished answer, but I feel like we're all navigating through life trying to figure out what fulfills us and what our purpose is; this site is my way of exploring those questions. Through this journey, I hope to offer inspiration, authenticity, creativity and maybe something funny to make Monday go by a little faster. I'm no expert what-so-ever, but I do believe there is something profound to be gained through shared stories.

I draw most of my inspiration from personal life experiences and people, particularly strangers. Living in New York City, one is surrounded by millions of people on a daily basis yet authentic human connection is rare. However, there are times I stumble upon a serendipitous conversation with a stranger that restores my faith in humanity and shifts my perspective on life. Through these encounters, I'm reminded of the untapped wisdom that surrounds us every day and have come to realize we all long for the same fundamental needs: to be understood, loved and validated. I hope sharing my knowledge and introspection will provide valuable insight for others as they navigate their own path.

What inspires me

The human experience • Unsolicited kindness • Equality • My fiancee • Animals • Design • Nature • New York City

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