The Human Side showcases various creators who share their personal stories of the challenges and triumphs that come with pursuing a non-traditional career path. We highly romanticize the idea of following our dreams and passions, but rarely do we get a glimpse of all the sacrifices and hard work it takes to actually make it happen. I've set myself on a quest to find creators from different types of backgrounds to provide wisdom and shed light on what it's really like to forge your own path.

The Human Side: Jonathan Lee
Jonathan Lee shares how Michael Jackson influenced his career in the arts, how he confronts fear and the importance of building authentic relationships.
The Human Side: Andrew Eccles
Andrew Eccles has photographed countless celebrities and worked with many high-profile clients. He shares priceless insight behind how he built his successful career.
The Human Side: Phil Larson
Phil Larson, the inspiring voice behind the podcast, Your Motivational High 5, shares why he created YMH5, how he deals with self-doubt and the importance of community.
The Human Side: Renita Cotton
Renita Cotton, a pop, soul singer-songwriter, shares her story, wisdom and provides a candid glimpse into all the hard work that comes with building a music career.
The Human Side: Amon Focus
NYC-based photographer, Amon Focus, shares his story, wisdom and life lessons behind the creation of his awe-inspiring photo series, New York Said.
The Human Side: An Introduction
An upcoming section that will be featuring interviews with various creators who speak candidly about the life lessons that come with pursuing your dreams.
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