The Human Side: An Introduction

February 16, 2016
2 min. read

Entrepreneurship is one of the most sought after career paths, especially with the explosion of social media in the recent years. There are now countless online publications that offer advice on forging your own path, several lists of how-tos and don't-dos, and featured interviews of those who have 'made it.' I'm definitely in the category of people who indulge in these types of articles, interviews and lists in an attempt to gain more wisdom for my own aspirations.

However, one crucial part I've found to be missing in the majority of this content is the human element. I created Emoo because I wanted to document my personal experiences and life lessons in hopes that it'll bring value to others, but I'm also fascinated with learning about other people's life experiences and what brought them to their current situation—especially those who are in mid-pursuit or beginning their course of entrepreneurship. Almost all success stories are centered around highlighting the actual success but never focus on all the sacrifices, doubts, setbacks, invested time; basically all the grit that takes place before the accolades. Learning about these important components humanizes the process and paints an accurate portrait for others that success isn't an overnight accomplishment; you have to work your ass off for it.

As an addition to my own contributions to the content of Emoo, I'm going to feature stories and interviews with people who are walking their own paths/following their dreams and making things happen. I'll be sitting down with various creators from a wide range of backgrounds—I call them 'creators' because I personally feel like the term 'entrepreneur' is heavily associated with the monetary aspect of entrepreneurship. Creators, on the other hand, are passionate people who feel a deep sense of purpose for what they're doing and have an unstoppable yearning to bring forth something much larger than themselves. My goal is to present an undervalued side of the story: the human side. Through these accounts, I hope to offer readers invaluable wisdom from the uncensored side of following your dreams: what it takes, how one overcomes doubt and fear, the setbacks and life lessons that are gained through the process of pursuing one's ambitions. I've already begun the interview process and have been blown away by the amount of inspiration and knowledge that live within these stories—and this is only the beginning! The next step is working through how to present the content so readers are able to appreciate the power behind each creator's story and take away useful wisdom that may be relevant to their own lives.

Stay tuned.

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