Good Reads

The Seat of The soul by Gary Zukav

This book has literally changed my life. I stumbled upon it while watching an Oprah interview and she referenced The Seat of the Soul as her guideline for relationships (work and personal) and how she conducts her life and business. I was skeptical at first, but after reading it my perspective shifted on so many things and I was viewing life and the world through a completely different lens. 

Notable quote: Every action, thought, and feeling is motivated by an intention, and that intention is a cause that exists as one with an effect. If we participate in the cause, it is not possible for us to not participate in the effect.

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The Art of Work by jeff Goins

A great book about finding one's vocation. The author shares his steps on how to discover your life's work through great examples and practical wisdom. I found the writing to be relatable and an easy read.

Notable quote: Discovering your calling is not an epiphany but a series of intentional decisions. It looks less like a giant leap and more like building a bridge.

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Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

I'll admit it; I never read Eat, Pray, Love but after watching Elizabeth Gilbert's talk titled 'Flight of the Hummingbird' I had to get this book. Big Magic treats creativity like a living, breathing thing. Ever had an idea you didn't execute only to find out 6 months later that someone else is doing the same exact thing you thought about doing? The author has a fascinating explanation of why this happens.

Notable quote: The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them.

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48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

Insane book about the history of power and how one can attain it through the listed 48 laws. If you need a guide on how to navigate the 'real world' and avoid being taken advantage of, this is definitely a good read. Note: Don't read this if you're an asshole.

Notable quote: You can die from someone else's misery–emotional states are as infectious as diseases. You may feel you are helping the drowning man but you are only precipitating your own disaster.

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Steal like an artist by Austin Kleon

Awesome little book about how nothing is original. Everything we come across is recycled ideas that have been presented through different voices. The author offers advice on how to collect ideas, mix and match them so we can develop own visions. This is also another short and easy read.

Notable quote: If you’re worried about giving your secrets away, you can share your dots without connecting them.

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